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International air and ocean freight

“One should not work 12 hours, but should work good”

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Sea shipping

LLC "Alkonta" - is a forwarding company, basically specialized in the field of international sea transportation (mostly on China and Southeast Asia ports to - Novorossiysk destinations). The company provides a full range of services in the country of goods origin (production quality control in factories, control of shipping, providing warehousing and customs services), as well as the whole complex of services in port of Novorossiysk, customs clearance and delivery to the Customer's warehouse.

To date, LLC "Alkonta" provides international freight forwarding services from any port of China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Turkey, India, Taiwan, Pakistan, The United States and Europe to the ports of Novorossiysk, St. Petersburg, Kotka, Klaipeda, Riga and Kaliningrad

Air freight

Our philosophy is primarily based on constant desire for self-perfection, honesty and sincerity of human relations. These merits are at the forefront for us, both during recruitment of our working team, and in the relationship with our customers. Since we develop our communication with each customer individually - we offer not only quality services, but also ideas!

Coming to work every day, we are not just doing our routine duties, we implement our ideas and improve ourselves. We believe this is the best way for our work to benefit, to bring good mood and positive emotions to all the people cooperating with "Alkonta" company team.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year - it's not our main objective. We believe that one should work not much, but should work with perfect mind!

Work with us - do it smart!