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Inland customs transit

Автомобильные грузоперевозки. Внутренний таможенный транзит

Since LLC "Alkonta" handles international transportation of goods, we can offer the following delivery of containers from the port of discharge to the warehouse within Inland Customs Transit.

What is the Inland Customs Transit?

It is the customs procedure which allows foreign goods to be transported through the customs territory of the Customs Union without covering customs fees and taxes. Also it dispenses foreign goods from economical prohibitions and restrictions, established in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation on the State Regulation of Foreign Trade.

Inland Customs Transit is used for the transportation of goods from the place of its arrival to the customs authority at destination for its customs clearance; from the location of goods at their declaration to the place of export from the customs territory of the Russian Federation; between warehouses of temporary storage; bonded warehouses; and in other cases of foreign goods’ transportation if there has not been provided security for payment of customs fees for these goods.

List of documents required for Inland Customs Transit:

- original Bill of Lading (or telex release if applicable);

- originals of commercial documents (commercial invoice, packing list, specification);

- translation of commercial documents (signed scan-copy or originals);

- letter containing the HS code(s) of goods;

- any documents containing precise price, weight, quantity, description of goods (if required by customs);

- final discharge report issued by the shipping line.

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